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Crispy Star Anise Truffle, Bitter Chocolate Gelato

Jimmy MacMillan

Executive Pastry Chef


For the Flourless Cake Base:

240g Egg Yolks

130g Sugar

130g Valrhona Caraibe/Manjari or Amedei 66% Dark Chocolate

30g Cocoa Powder

300g Egg Whites

130g Sugar

• Whip egg yolks with 1/2 sugar to ribbon stage (3 X volume).

• Melt chocolate and add cocoa powder.

• Combine chocolate and egg yolk mixture.

• Whip egg whites and remaining sugar to a stiff meringue.

• Fold in meringue to yolk mixture.

• Bake at 350F (160C) for 12 minutes.

For the Mousse layer:

75 g. sugar

200 g. heavy cream

1 1/2oz. Sumatra coffee beans

50 g. Egg Yolks

300 g. Valrhona Caraibe/Manjari or Amedei 66% Dark Chocolate, chopped

600g. cream, whipped

• Caramelized sugar till dark amber.

• Shock with 800 g. cream and coffee beans.

• Set aside to steep for at least 30 mins.

• Bring back to the heat and let it boil.

• Strain and pour over the chocolate.

• Stir till combine.

• Whisk in yolks.

• Lastly, fold in whipped cream medium stiff peaks.

• Pour over 1 full sheet pan lined with flourless cake at the bottom.

• Freeze overnight before slicing into thin rectangular pieces.


For the Truffle Filling:

365 g. cream

75 g. trimoline

10 g. ground star anise

150 g. Valrhona Caraibe/Manjari or Amedei 66% Dark Chocolate

100 g. butter, room temperature

• Bring cream, trimoline and ground star anise to a simmer.

• Gradually pour over the chocolate while stirring, a little at a time.

• Whisk till smooth.

• Let mixture cool down to 35-40C.

• Stir in softened butter.

• Pour into small pan, prepared with wax paper on bottom..

• Let mixture set in the cooler overnight.

For wrapping the truffles:

6 ea filo dough sheets

100g clarified butter

butcher’s twine

oil for frying

• Unmold star anise truffle filling and cut into 1/2”squares. Freeze.

• Brush butter on one filo sheet and stack filo sheets until all six sheets lay on top of each other with butter between each layer.

• Cut strips 1/2” wide using knife or pastry cutter.

• Place one truffle square at end of strip and wrap around until 1/2 way up strip.

• Cut remaining strip and wrap around other side of truffle so no chocolate is exposed and center is wrapped tight like a package.

• Wrap in butcher’s twine and tie off. Cut off excess twine. Freeze.

• Deep fry truffle in 350F oil until golden brown. Snip twine with scissors and unwrap. Keep warm under heat lamp.


1 Litre whole milk

75g sugar

90g Trimoline (or Light Corn Syrup)

260g Valrhona Caraibe/Manjari or Amedei 66% Dark Chocolate

• Heat milk to scald.

• Measure sugar and trimoline (or corn syrup).

• Add to milk, whisking in until sugar dissolved.

• When mixture reaches simmer, add chocolate and whisk until combined.

• Immediately chill in ice bath.

• When mixture is cool, strain and let mature 1-4 hours.

• Spin in ice cream machine following manufacturer’s directions.

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Chocolate Traveller Notes

The recipe suggests using either Valrhona Caraibe 66% or Manjari 64%. I would also recommend the Amedei Toscano Black 66% for a similar cocoa percentage option. These particular chocolates provide a bittersweet dark chocolate taste with little bitterness.

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