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Your Chocolate Selection

You can choose which of our Superior Selection or Luxury chocolates you wish to include in your personalised, bespoke chocolate box. Our Superior Selection chocolates are of the upper most quality and purity with higher cocoa contents and made in France. Our Luxury chocolates are of a high quality and suited to a wider audience using attractively priced Swiss chocolate.

To have your logo or promotional message printed onto a personalised chocolate box, please do not hesitate to email us at or telephone 01625 508224 for any personalised chocolate enquiries.

Superior Selection

Superior quality French chocolates with reduced sugar, high cocoa, bourbon vanilla & soya lecithin free

Bahia chocolate


Ground, roasted coffee beans of superior quality are combined with sumptuous dark chocolate to create this premium coffee and chocolate, classic combination.



This cheeky little cheese is made from a refreshingly different marzipan paste combined with Grand Marnier and orange pieces enrobed in creamy white chocolate. Please note the label is not edible.

Cacaogrande chocolate

Cacoagrande 85%

This higher cocoa content, 85% dark chocolate ganache provides an increased cocoa packed, chocolate experience within a decadently smooth texture, enrobed in a contrasting, sweeter dark chocolate to maximise the flavour.

Crème Brulee chocolate

Crème Brulee

The soft centre is made with caramelised butter, cream and the finest Bourbon vanilla. The shell of dark chocolate adds a depth of flavour which blends beautifully together making this chocolate one of our most popular.

Delice chocolate


An exceptionally full flavoured praline of the highest quality. Created with this popular and mouth watering combination of caramelised almonds, hazelnuts and fine milk chocolate.

Esmeralda chocolate


A dark chocolate ganache of contrasting flavours and a buttery smooth texture. This palate cleansing chocolate combines fresh tasting, natural lemon with fine dark chocolate.

Espeline chocolate


The combination of acidulous cranberries and Espelette sweet red pepper within this rich dark chocolate ganache provides the perfect balance of subtle fruit and spice giving great length and depth of flavour to savour.

Forestiere chocolate


Sweet croquant (caramelised almonds and sugar) filled with a smooth almond and hazelnut praline. Rolled in naturally coloured almonds.

Griotte Denoyautee chocolate

Griotte Denoyautee

The finest whole Morello cherries are soaked in oak barrels filled with Kirsch for one year before being enrobed in fine dark chocolate. The best that we have ever experienced.

Guerande Lait chocolate

Guerande Lait

Salted butter caramel from France. Using the finest Guerande salt, an unrefined, natural sea salt known for its fine taste. The caramelised sweetness, chocolate and salt makes for an indulgent caramel.

Madrilène chocolate


A fruity dark chocolate ganache made with superior quality, single origin cocoa from Madagascar and combined with a generous layer of sweet marmalade to compliment this countries world renowned, characteristic cocoa.

Nougatelle chocolate


Soft flavoursome nougat of superior quality, uniquely combined with sweet raspberry and strawberry pieces enrobed in fine dark chocolate. Decorated with a sprinkle of dried raspberry to finish.

Palet De Neiges chocolate

Palet Des Neiges

A sweet white chocolate created from pure cocoa butter encasing a fine milk chocolate ganache centre of natural raspberry pulp. A delicate medley of sweetness with a zing of sharp fruits.

Palet Lait chocolate

Palet Lait

A successful and delicate compliment of finely roasted coffee beans combined with the buttery sweetness of this fine milk chocolate provide a wonderful creamy cappuccino experience to savour.

Palet Mokaya chocolate

Palet Mokaya

Single origin ‘Mokaya’, dark chocolate ganache from Mexico using fine flavour Trinitario cocoa. A beautifully smooth and full flavoured chocolate ganache offering notes of dried fruits with little acidity and great length of taste.

Mascaret Lait chocolate

Mascaret Lait

A beautifully rich milk chocolate ganache centre flavoured with fine rum and combined with soft raisins. Enrobed in fine milk chocolate. A winning combination of exceptional flavours.

Perle Dor chocolate

Perle Dor

A crunchy praline layered centre created from high quality caramelised almonds and hazelnuts combined with a fine milk chocolate. Provides a rich, toffee sweetness with a lovely butter finish.

Pistra chocolate


High quality marzipan style paste with increased depth of flavour and reduced sugars. Created from almond and pistachio and enrobed in fine dark chocolate. Topped with a pistachio nut.

Palet Passion chocolate

Palet Passion

The passion fruit pulp centre enrobed in fine dark chocolate is as it should be, a subtle compliment of fresh fruit flavours and not an overpowering assault of artificial flavouring. We find the two compliment each other perfectly.

Princesse chocolate


The milk chocolate centre is combined with candied orange peel and infused with fine Cointreau. The dark chocolate shell is dusted with icing sugar to complete the perfect fusion of complimenting flavours.

Theobroma Lait chocolate

Theobroma Lait

A rich tasting and highly flavoured, almond and hazelnut praline combined with crushed cocoa nibs for added depth of flavour and texture. Enrobed in fine milk chocolate and topped with a dark chocolate cocoa pod.

chocolate truffle

Truffe A La Creme

Created with a blend of Trinitario cocoa beans from the Los Ancones plantation, on the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean. Rolled in bitter cocoa powder with a smooth and rich dark chocolate ganache centre.

Pomme De Pin chocolate

Pomme De Pin

A deliciously rich centre made with the traditional Italian recipe of gianduja, a creamy milk chocolate combined with ground hazelnut, flavoured with Bourbon vanilla pod. Enrobed in sweet milk chocolate.

Capri chocolate


A melt in the mouth, almond and hazelnut praline with added caramel pieces. A decadent milk chocolate with intense nut and chocolate flavours with a pleasing crunch to its otherwise smooth melt.

Frambosine chocolate


A noticebly fruity, single estate ‘Maralumi’, dark chocolate ganache sat beside a sweet layer of natural raspberry marmalade. Encased in a superior quality dark chocolate shell.

Hoshiyuzu chocolate


A fine dark chocolate ganache beautifully flavoured with Yuzu fruit, a rare citrus fruit originating in East Asia. A refreshing chocolate with notes of mandarin, lemon and ginger.

Lady chocolate


A particularly smooth and creamy ganache centre of superior quality milk chocolate combined with brown caramel. Enrobed in a crisp fine shell of equal quality milk chocolate.

Paradoxe Lait

Paradoxe Lait

A generously thick and indulgent milk chocolate shell encasing a very soft caramel centre flavoured with sea salt. A mouth watering and richly flavoured milk chocolate deserving to be savoured

Tatin chocolate


A unique chocolate with contrasting textures. A smooth almond paste deliciously combined with apple and Calvados over a layer of chewy caramel and enrobed in superior quality milk chocolate.

Luxury Selection

Luxury Swiss chocolates, economically priced and suited to most tastes

Prosecco Truffle

Prosecco Truffle

Milk chocolate and fresh cream centre with grappa di Prosecco, enrobed in pure Swiss milk chocolate and sprinkled with pearl sugar.

Dusted Sea Salt Caramel Truffle

Salted Caramel Truffle

Smooth sea salted caramel enrobed in a Swiss milk chocolate shell and dusted with cocoa powder.

Dusted White Champagne Truffle

White Marc de Champagne Truffle

White chocolate and fresh cream centre with Marc de Champagne, enrobed in pure Swiss white chocolate and dusted with icing sugar.

White Vanilla Truffle

Vanilla Truffle

White chocolate and fresh cream centre enrobed in pure Swiss white chocolate enrobed in pure Swiss milk chocolate and finished with a ‘forked’ effect.

Bucks Fizz Truffle

Bucks Fizz Truffle

White chocolate and fresh cream centre blended with Marc de Champagne and orange oil, in a Swiss white chocolate shell. Wrapped in orange foil.

Irish Cream Truffle

White Truffle in Foil

White chocolate and fresh cream centre in a Swiss white chocolate shell, wrapped in gold foil.

White Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Marc de Champagne Truffle

White chocolate and fresh cream truffle centre blended with Marc de Champagne and real raspberry puree. Enrobed in Swiss white chocolate and decorated with freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

Pink Champagne Truffle

Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle

White chocolate and fresh cream centre blended with Marc de Champagne and raspberry puree in a Swiss white chocolate shell, wrapped in pink foil.

Brandy Truffle

Brandy Truffle

Rich dark chocolate and fresh cream centre blended with French brandy, enrobed in Swiss dark chocolate and rolled in pure cocoa powder.

Cappuccino truffle

Cappuccino Truffle

Rich dark chocolate and fresh cream centre blended with coffee, enrobed in Swiss dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate

Dark Truffle

Dark Truffle

Rich dark chocolate and fresh cream centre, enrobed in Swiss dark chocolate. Finished with a ‘forked’ effect.

Dark Rum Truffle

Rum Truffle

Plain Chocolate and fresh cream centre blended with 60% Jamaican rum. Enrobed in smooth Swiss dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate pieces.

Single Origin Truffle

Single Origin Truffle

A dark chocolate truffle created from Swiss single origin cocoa from Columbia. A soft ganache centre dusted with cocoa powder.

Sugared Caramel Truffle

Caramel Truffle

Smooth soft caramel centre in a Swiss milk chocolate shell, coated with sugar.

Milk Champagne Truffle

Milk Marc de Champagne Truffle

A milk chocolate shell filled with a soft Swiss milk chocolate ganache flavoured with Marc de Champagne. Decorated with white chocolate stripes.

Milk Truffle

Milk Chocolate Truffle

Creamy milk chocolate and fresh cream truffle center, in pure Swiss milk chocolate and finished with a ‘forked’ effect.

Hazelnut Truffle

Hazelnut Truffle

Milk chocolate and fresh cream center blended with hazelnuts. Enrobed in Swiss milk chocolate and decorated with chopped hazelnuts.

Espresso Truffle

Espresso Truffle

Rich dark chocolate and fresh cream blended with coffee liqueur, coated in Swiss dark chocolate and sprinkled with ground, high-roast coffee bean.

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