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Trace back your chocolate couverture to the community that farmed the cocoa.

Callebaut's, Belgian dark and milk chocolate couverture, is now made from traceable cocoa beans – 100% sustainable. And customers can now track back every bag to the source, using the QR code on the back of each pack.

Unlike single-origin chocolate – cocoa sourced from a single region, estate or even plantation, Callebaut blend cocoa beans from three growing countries / regions to produce their trademark couverture taste, consistently between batches, assuring food professionals and manufacturing a stable flavour profile, with which to create from.

Its importance cannot be over-stated because if, the flavour profile of each blend/production batch of couverture (cooking chocolate) altered, then chef’s and food industry producers would have to constantly re-formulate their own recipes, to maintain their products/finished chocolate items taste, that their consumers would be expecting.

Whether that’s a chocolate tart in a luxury tea-room or the chocolate pieces in your breakfast cereal.

Using Callebaut’s tracing code, you’ll discover the journey the cocoa used in your particular bag has taken, from the 3 different countries of origin, Callebaut use:

Ivory Coast (Africa) yields the typical cocoa body of Callebaut chocolate, giving it its recognizable taste.

Ghana (Africa) cocoa is used to enrich the flavour profile with acidic, red fruity notes.

Ecuador (South America) cocoa is used to add pleasant bitter notes.

From these 3 countries, the cocoa travels in traditional Jute bags (each contains around 60kg), to Belgium, rather than bulk containers. Jute allows the cocoa beans to breathe, aiding the drying process.

The Traceability program can even take you back to the actual Farmer, via the country, district warehouse and buying station, the cocoa passed through.

The tracing is part of Callebaut’s Cocoa Horizons program. Their own ‘fair trade’ initiative for responsible, ethically sourced cocoa and investment in growing communities.

Take a look at our range of Callebaut couvertures (cooking chocolates) and decorations here.

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