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We have the widest selection online of chocolate chips & blocks of what is correctly described as 'Couverture' chocolate (meaning to coat) but is commonly referred to as 'cooking chocolate' in the UK due to its wide range of practical use.

Couverture chocolate is suitable for all types of chocolate making, decoration, melting, moulding, enrobing and baking. Available in different weights, forms and cocoa origins and from the finest chocolate makers, to meet your individual requirements and budget. Refine your choices using the 'Refine By' tool on the left or simply 'sort' by price, weight and newest chocolate couverture below.

Which chocolate couverture to buy?

When buying chocolate couverture you will first need to consider the amount you want, your budget and use.

We sell smaller bags and blocks of chocolate couverture suitable for individual recipes and low usage through to bulk bags of chocolate chips for those customers working with chocolate on a regular basis, requiring larger amounts, and at bulk prices.

We cater for all budgets from luxury Belgian chocolate couverture through to superior quality French and Italian chocolate, including single origin chocolate, each with their distinctive characters and richer tasting profiles. All our couverture chocolates detail tasting notes to help you refine your search if a particular flavour profile and quality is what you are looking for.

We recommend that if you are using the chocolate for baking and possibly as an inclusion with many other ingredients and flavours that you first consider the lower priced, blended chocolate couverture as a superior quality origin chocolate, for example, whilst richer in flavour, may be lost within the recipe. If your budget allows however we would always recommend using the finest quality chocolate couverture when the chocolate flavour is the main focus of the recipe, such as a chocolate truffle, ganache or gourmet dessert.

Which cocoa percent?

Typically only a consideration when choosing dark chocolate. Everybody's taste varies and this is actually due to your palate detecting sweetness and bitterness differently. To most tastes, 70% cocoa content is the tipping point at which chocolate becomes bitter rather than bitter-sweet and whilst 70% is commonly called upon in many recipes it is more often the case that below 70% is better suited to most people. Also the usage often dictates the cocoa percentage commonly used. For example; chocolate chips cookies or brownies are typically sweeter whilst a rolled chocolate truffle often is relatively more bitter. It is worth mentioning however that if you are unsure what cocoa percentage to buy you can always add more sugar to the melted chocolate or recipe, to suit your taste, but you can't take away. Also the higher the cocoa content the better the chocolate will be for your waist and even heart. The quality of chocolate is also not determined by the cocoa content - a common misconception. The chocolate maker controls the quality starting at the point of which type of cocoa bean is used, the manufacturing processes and quality, or lack of, added ingredients.

Chocolate chips or blocks?

Chocolate couverture can be found in two forms, chocolate chips (also referred to as drops or callets) or solid blocks (bars). The only difference is the practicality of use. Chocolate chips are often easier to measure and quicker to melt and without the need to cut with a knife.

How long will it last?

All our chocolate carries a 'Best before' date. This is a recommended guide from the manufacturer to ensure the maximum enjoyment of the chocolate. Its purpose is a guide only and not the same as a 'Use By' date which advises a product must be consumed by a certain date. As chocolate couverture contains no fillings, such as cream or butter, it can be enjoyed long after the Best Before date has passed and stored, sealed, in a cool dark place, ideally below 18 degrees centigrade.

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