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Cacao Barry is a premium French chocolate maker offering a range of high-quality bulk cocoa powder and chocolate couvertures used the world over by Chocolatiers, confectioners, master bakers and pastry chefs.

Established in 1842, Cacao Barry is today one of the leading names globally for its origin chocolates. Cacao Barry is now part of the Barry Callebaut Group and as such maintaining the same high standards, consistency and workability as Callebaut chocolate but run independently and offering a different range of product manufactured from its own factories. Cacao Barry particularly excels in single origin and unique flavour profiles with a premium range of chocolate couvertures for the most discerning of palates but equally their blended chocolate couvertures are outstanding in terms of high quality ingredients, flavour, workability and price. Easy melt chocolate chips/pistoles in equally easy resalable bags add to the convenience of this premium brand.

Cacao Barry’s product range of chocolate couverture comes in four main categories;

  • Heritage; Classic blended chocolate for consistency of flavour at the most economical price point.
  • Origine; created from cocoas from a single origin with a pronounced flavour profile
  • Plantation; created from cocoa from a single plantation with a pronounced flavour profile
  • Purete; A "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, thanks to the new and unique method of fermentation: the Q fermentation.

What’s the difference?

Blended chocolate typically offers a consistent taste, time after time, and containing a blend of robust and readily available cocoa beans to be able to ensure this consistency and at a more economical price.

Single origin and single plantation provides a unique tasting chocolate with certain pronounced characteristics given the unique geographical location, the terroir. The more pin pointed this origin the more individual the flavour profile which also may vary slightly dependant on that years harvest. Single origin chocolate therefore can be more easily affected by weather and numerous regional factors and given cocoa grows only 20 degrees north and south of the equator these weather conditions can be devastating at times. Cacao Barry Origine and Plantation chocolate couvertures showcase fine flavour cocoas and their often fruitier, wider flavour profiles.  

The Purete range is the result of a 7 year project between Cacao Barry and their cocoa farmers resulting in a more intense flavour profile. This is achieved by enhancing the fermentation process with natural bacteria once the beans have been harvested and allowed to ferment with the mucilage and other flora for 4 days wrapped in banana leaves. The process is similar to adding yeast to breadmaking. The fermentation reaches its full potential with this method resulting in maximum flavour cocoa beans.

Cacao Barry therefore offer a range of chocolate couverture chips to suit all budgets and requirements. The general rule of thumb when selecting what type of chocolate couverture to use depends on your available budget and the usage. For example, if you are making a simple chocolate cake for the children and requiring the most economical cost then the Heritage range would be a good option, whereas if you are making chocolate truffles for a special occasion or a gourmet dessert then the Origin, Plantation or Purete would be well suited. We would say if the chocolate is to be used with other dominating flavours you may be wasting your money on a single origin chocolate as the flavour profile would be lost but if you want the flavour profile of the chocolate to sing on its own or, compliment another subtle flavour and you are able to pay that little bit extra, then go for it – you certainly won’t be disappointed. We describe the flavour profile and add an easy reference guide with each product on the website, so you can refine your choice.

At the end of the day we all like different flavour profiles in our chocolate, some prefer highly fruity and acidulous flavours and others more deep and chocolatey flavours. We believe the Ocoa, for example, is the perfect example of a finely balanced middle ground. Just enough notes of fruit to lift and sweeten but also retaining a rich chocolatey length of flavour. Of course, you will have your own favourite.

Whichever type you chose you can certainly be assured of the very high quality. Cacao Barry is used by leading pastry chefs and chocolatiers across the world. In fact, because it is not available on the high street and typically only sold within the food service you probably won’t ever of heard of the name if you are not a professional or working within a restaurant.

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