Valrhona Manjari

Valrhona Manjari Dark Chocolate

Manjari is an exceptional, single origin, dark chocolate couverture (cooking chocolate), also available to enjoy as a chocolate bar, from Valrhona – a French chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain L’Hermitage near Lyon.

Manjari, with its high 64% cocoa content is ideal for all types of chocolate baking, whether you’re a professional or just enjoy baking at home.

For Dark chocolate enthusiasts, we have a range of Valrhona dark chocolate bars, including Manjari and the ever popular Guanaja 70% dark chocolate bar; each of them exceptional with their distinctive, individual flavours.

Valrhona Chocolate Range

Valrhona’s chocolate range covers a wide variety of single origin and vintage bars. From the Andoa Noir – a 70% cocoa content Fairtrade, organic dark chocolate bar to vintage chocolate bars like the Valrhona Gran Couva, which is created from precious Trinitario cocoa.

The Gran Couva’s predominant flavours of roasted almonds, hazelnuts & notes of spice and dried mint are a delight whilst, Valrhona’s El Pedregal bar is a creamy dark chocolate with notes of dried fruits and honey, with a spicy edge.

The Valrhona Manjari’s own fruity flavour profile results from a blend of fine flavour, Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans, from Madagascar. In 2010, it won the Great Taste Award.

If you still can’t decide which Valrhona single origin chocolate to choose from, then their Grands Crus gift box may help you decide. It contains 66 tasting squares, made up of each of the single origin chocolates, and includes Manjari, Tainori, Caraibe, Guanaja, Alpaco and Abinao chocolates. Each of them having their own distinctive flavour profile.

Most of Valrhona chocolates (including the Valrhona Manjari) are also Alcohol free, Dairy free, Wheat & Gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

The purity of the ingredients and the pursuit of dark chocolate perfection that embodies, not only Valrhona couverture chocolate, but the whole of the Valrhona chocolate bar range, means there is a dark chocolate for everyone.

Valrhona Couverture Chocolate – baking with Valrhona chocolate.

For chocolate baking, we have an exciting range of Valrhona Couverture (baking chocolate) dark chocolate chips, which due to their small, even size, are perfect for cooking with - from dessert decoration, mould making or coating (enrobing) to baking.

For example, Valrhona Manjari Dark Chocolate Couverture with its high cocoa content will give your desserts, cakes and chocolate puddings the perfect finishing touch, and with Chocolate Trading Company’s extensive range of Valrhona baking chocolate, you’re sure to find the exact dark chocolate you’re recipe or tastes demand.

Much of Valrhona’s range of couverture chocolate is available as either chocolate chips in 1kg and 3kg bags or 500g and 1kg solid, dark chocolate bars.

Valrhona - passion for dark chocolate perfection.

How do Valrhona achieve such perfection? You only have to look at the extraordinary lengths they go to when sourcing the main ingredient - suitable cocoa bean supplies.

For example, it takes each Valrhona cocoa bean buyer 2 years to review just 80 cocoa plantations; the cocoa plantations being spread across 22 countries.

Valrhona chocolate liaise directly with local cocoa bean growers rather than wholesale markets and dealers. This ensures quality over the whole growing and production process – from cocoa bean harvesting to the fermenting and drying of the cocoa, before it’s shipped.

When a cocoa bean shipment arrives at Valrhona’s premises, the beans are painstakingly inspected to ensure there are no off-odours (which would result in ‘off-flavoured’ chocolate) and that no foreign bodies are present. Moisture content is verified to ensure that all of Valrhona specifications have been met before the consignment is accepted.

Further tests, including producing a small batch of finished Valrhona chocolate couverture are carried out, before the final seal of approval is given.

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