Texture of Chocolate


White Chocolate Mousse

275gm Milk

350gm White chocolate

375gm Whipped cream

8gm Gelatin

Heat milk and vanilla bean, add gelatin and strain.

Pour over white chocolate in stages.

When slightly cooled, fold in whipped cream.


Dark Chocolate Mousse

250gm Milk

250gm Cream

100gm Yolk

37gm Sugar

4gm Gelatin

700gm Dark chocolate

1350gm Whipped cream

Make a crème Anglaise with milk, cream, yolk, sugar, then add gelatin and pour it on top of the melted chocolate.

When the mix is room temperature, add the whipped cream and fold it together. Refrigerate

Earl Grey Soup

0.3 liter Whipped cream

85gm Milk

44gm Sugar

5pcs Yolk

70gm Milk chocolate

1gm Earl grey tea

Heat the cream and milk until boiling point then add the earl grey tea and cover and set a side for half an hour.

Then strain it and add the melted chocolate.

Then add the other ingredients and train.

Refrigerate for minimum one hour then serve.

Chocolate Sauce

1 liter Water

450gm Sugar

112.5gm Dark chocolate

175gm Cocoa powder

42.5gm Corn flour

340gm Sugar

225gm Water

Boil water and sugar. Then add chocolate powder and dark chocolate.

In a bowl, mix together corn flour, sugar and water, then add to the hot mix, and boil everything again. Refrigerate

Chocolate Jelly

80gm Cocoa powder

350gm Water

50gm Chocolate liquor

50gm Sugar

7.5gm Gelatin

Boil water with cocoa powder and sugar. Then add Gelatin and Chocolate liquor. Refrigerate

Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream

1650gm Milk

30gm Glucose

9gm Stabilizer

600gm Giandujas chocolate

240gm Yolks

75gm Sugar

Make a crème anglaise with milk, glucose, stabilizer, yolks and sugar. Then add to the chocolate and burmix.

Refrigerate for 2 hours before running into ice cream machine.

Brownie sponge

310 gr : Butter

170 gr : Dark chocolate

5 piece : Egg

250 gr : Sugar

100 gr : Glucose

125 gr : Cake flour

25 gr : Cocoa powder

125 gr : Chopped walnut

125 gr : Pecan nuts pieces

Melt together butter and chocolate. In a mixing machine, mix egg, sugar and glucose.

Then add the flour and cocoa powder and the melted butter/chocolate. Finish with adding the nuts.

Crunchy layer

270 gr : Praline paste

62 gr : Milk chocolate

125 gr : Paillete feuilletine

Melt Chocolate , then add paillete and then praline paste.

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