Personalised chocolate coins

Chocolate coins, endless possibilities..

Personalised chocolate coins are ideal for promotional chocolate gifts, advertising campaigns and special events, such as launches, celebrations, even weddings, with their unique personalisation options and high quality finish. Our chocolate coins are available in many sizes from 24mm to 100mm, designs and foils of gold, silver and copper. Personalise your own chocolate coin easily to great effect with your business name and logo, or with a customised theme or unique message. Chocolate coins are one of the most cost effective ways of communicating a memorable and unique image to customers and clients. When money is the theme of your advertising campaign or nature of business then chocolate money is an ideal solution. All our chocolate coins are foil wrapped and contain only high quality milk chocolate.

Standard Chocolate Coins without Personalisation:

Our range of non personalised, standard coins are all available immediately. These range from 24mm to 100mm diameter and in foils of copper, silver and gold. Choose from various Victorian coinage designs or up to date Euros. We can supply many other British and foreign coins not shown on our website so please email your request and we will do our best to help you. We also sell pre-packed nets of Victorian design coins for immediate purchase, 25g, 50g and 100g - you can have these nets of coins personalised with your own label design easily - just call or email for a quote.

CLICK HERE to buy online now from our standard, chocolate coin range, including nets of coins.

 personalised chocolate coins

Personalised Chocolate Coins:

It is easy to personalise any of our standard chocolate coins or design a new coin completely. Have your personal design moulded on just one or both sides.

• Choose the type of chocolate coin you wish to personalise if personalisation is required on just one side only.

• Choose the foil colour for the coin

• Choose the size of the coin

• Choose the quantity (minimum quantities vary)

• Email the artwork

• Request a quote based on your own requirement.

Personalised Chocolate Coin Costs:

The prices below exclude any artwork charges, if applicable, and the moulding charge.

The moulding charge is £170 per side for computer based artwork, requiring no further work, and £185 per side if any re-working of the artwork is required.

You can have just one coin side personalised, with your choice of any of the standard coin designs on the remaining side, or both. If you require both sides of the coin to be personalised the moulding charge per side, regardless of a duplicate or different design, would apply..

Turn-around time for the personalisation of chocolate coins is 4 weeks (approx) from receipt of finished artwork and order confirmation, including payment. Prices for the chocolate coins include delivery to one drop anywhere in the UK mainland.

28mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 3 grams each

28mm - 15,750qty - Total price £1,622.14 (Excluding VAT)

28mm - 30,240qty - Total price £2,722.06 (Excluding VAT)

28mm - 60,480qty - Total price £4,917.98(Excluding VAT)

28mm - 75,600qty - Total price £5,741.95 (Excluding VAT)

28mm - 151,200 - Price on request

38mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 5.2 grams each

38mm - 8,640qty - Total price £1,671.78 (Excluding VAT)

38mm - 17,280qty - Total price £2,763.06 (Excluding VAT)

38mm - 34,560qty - Total price £4,876.71 (Excluding VAT)

38mm - 51,840qty - Total price £6,911.58 (Excluding VAT)

38mm - 86,400qty - Price on request

55mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 11 grams each

55mm - 7,200qty - Total price £1,918.64 (Excluding VAT)

55mm - 14,400qty - Total price £3,362.29 (Excluding VAT)

55mm - 28,800qty - Total price £6,249.60 (Excluding VAT)

55mm - 57,600qty - Total price £11,969.24 (Excluding VAT)

55mm - 86,400qty - Price on request

75mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 20 grams each

75mm - 3,600qty - Total price £1,980.00 (Excluding VAT)

75mm - 10,200qty - Total price £5,610.00 (Excluding VAT)

75mm - 15,600qty - Total price £7,020.00 (Excluding VAT)

75mm - 30,000qty - Total price £12,000.00 (Excluding VAT)

75mm - 60,000qty - Total price £21,000.00 (Excluding VAT)

75mm - 90,000qty - Price on request

100mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 58 grams each

100mm - 480qty - Total price £669.19 (Excluding VAT)

100mm - 1,200qty - Total price £1.466.56 (Excluding VAT)

100mm - 2,400qty - Total price £2.749.82 (Excluding VAT)

100mm - 4,800qty - Total price £5.132.99 (Excluding VAT)

100mm - 9,600qty - Total price £8.838.72 (Excluding VAT)

100mm - 19,200qty - Price on request

125mm coin. Available in gold, silver or copper. Net weight of 90 grams each

125mm - 384qty - Total price £835.94 (Excluding VAT)

125mm - 960qty - Total price £1.921.92 (Excluding VAT)

125mm - 1,920qty - Total price £3,629.75 (Excluding VAT)

125mm - 4,800qty - Total price £8,524.45 (Excluding VAT)

125mm - 9,600qty - Total price £16,498.94 (Excluding VAT)

125mm - 19,200qty - Price on request

Nets with Personalised Labels:

The most traditional form of grouping chocolate coins is in nets. Nets are available in red, yellow, orange and white. They provide a very cost effective solution for the grouping and presentation of chocolate coins and can be personalised to great effect with a bespoke label.

Net Costs:

• Net 15p each (Excluding VAT)

Any amount of chocolate coins can be placed into these nets and if you are unsure of final costs please simply email us with your requirements and we will calculate this for you based on the costs above.

Personalised Label Costs:

Have your own personalised label attached to each net of coins for little cost with either your company logo or promotional message. Printed in full colour. If you have already chosen one of the standard 25g, 50g or 100g nets of victorian coins simply add the cost of a personalised label and the set up charge as below.

• Single sided, full colour, printed label (30x55mm) 5p each (Excluding VAT)

• Label set up charge of £45 with supplied finished artwork (JPEG file format). (Excluding VAT)

No minimum order for personalised nets of coins. Bespoke nets containing any number or type of coins are of course possible - please just ask. To personalise these coins please see above for minimum quantities.

Please email your personalised chocolate coin requirements for a fast quote the same day.

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