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Throughout our years of experience, sourcing, tasting and retailing fine chocolates we have repeatedly noted endless shortfalls in quality and shocking misinformation about the many, so called “Luxury” chocolates" available.

Our main annoyance has always been the many low quality ingredients so often included with chocolate that just shouldn’t be there, inferior ingredients such as hydrogenated fat, a cheap alternative used instead of pure cocoa butter, and other listings that are not always easy to identify, such as the actual quality of cocoa used to create the chocolate. The list is endless.

We find many people are still completely in the dark regarding the true quality of real chocolate. The more we learnt, and conversed with our customers, the stronger our desire to address these many issues and create our very own special range of chocolates that simply stood out as quality, not quantity. A collection of the finest chocolates money can buy for the true connoisseurs of real chocolate. The Superior Selection range of chocolates was finally completed and launched in 2006.

We have to admit we certainly included a lot of our own self-indulgences into this collection as we consider the essence of this range of chocolates to be all about the ultimate in quality and taste and not the end cost. This was our own chocolate indulgence primarily and something we are extremely proud of putting our name to. Repeat business and customer recommendation is key to how we run our business and these chocolates simply sell themselves without any need for marketing tactics.

Our desire to create the “perfect box of chocolates” took some time as there are so many practicalities and tastes to consider, and to such a diverse audience. We wanted to first create a true chocolate assortment and one that contained the finest and most popular chocolates from different chocolate makers, the most respected chocolate makers in the world and whom we had built a close relationship with.

It is certainly not easy to create one box containing chocolates from different sources, even countries, but we knew this would be a real treat and quite unique, so we did it. We wanted to refresh the chocolates included on a regular basis so that repeat customers got to experience the new flavours and textures that we were also excited about. To do this we continuously need to re-print the menu presentation inserts and ingredients, a time consuming and costly luxury, but we did it. We knew that designing a sophisticated presentation box so that the completed packaging reflected the high quality contents was of key importance. A hand made, rigid, bespoke, two-tone box, embossed lid, wrapped and ribboned and enclosing a well presented menu card is the final result and certainly not the cheapest of options, but we did it, and containing, more importantly, a truly diverse range of our own, and customers favourite chocolate indulgencies of a superior quality. A true Superior Selection and one we are very proud of. We hope you enjoy these chocolates as much as we do.

In creating our “Mostly Milk” and “Mostly Dark” chocolate boxes we were aware that not all customers who originally thought they preferred only milk or dark actually did. In many instances, customers who taste a high quality dark chocolate containing the increased fruity notes and wider flavours are often surprised by the increased sweetness and absence of any astringent aftertaste. For this reason we also included a small number of chocolates with a mix of both milk and dark in both of the boxes which we know from experience to have enlightened many a chocolate lover over the years. Hence the use of the word “Mostly”.

We hope you enjoy our Superior Selection chocolates.

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