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Booja-Booja make their chocolates in Norfolk, England to the highest of standards & have received many awards for their chocolates. Booja Booja's chocolate truffles are 100% organic, dairy, wheat & gluten free, suitable for vegetarians & vegans and to top it all are non-GMO.

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Booja Booja were established in 1999, in Norfolk, England. A small, independent chocolate maker creating high quality chocolate truffles and other chocolate related products, including ice cream. They use only organic, dairy free, gluten free and vegan ingredients. Booja Booja’s factory is completely dairy free and so they are able to guarantee their chocolates are free from any possible traces. As Booja Booja do not use any animal ingredients in their products they can also state with certainty their chocolates are suitable for Vegans. In fact their products are endorsed by the Vegan Society and carry their logo. To date Booja Booja have accumulated 51 awards, 35 attributed to their chocolate truffles.

Dairy free chocolate truffles

Booja Booja chocolate therefore is suitable for many chocolate lovers with various intolerances. Their chocolate truffles are quite unique in the fact that they offer an alternative option for those seeking dairy free chocolate but do not want to sacrifice the quality of chocolate to do so. Most chocolate truffles contain butter and/or cream, the traditional recipe for creating a chocolate truffle whereas Booja Booja are able to produce an award winning range fo chocolates using alternative ingredients such as coconut oil or corn syrup. Intolerance or not, Booja Booja chocolate truffles are amongst the best chocolate truffles we have tasted and to us their accessibility to those with intolerances is a much needed added bonus.

Booja Booja Chocolate

Booja Booja do not create their own chocolate from the cocoa bean but source their pre-made chocolate couveture from specialised suppliers. This does not give them full control over the flavour of the chocolate but as their range is focused on flavoured chocolate truffles and not plain chocolate bars, for example, this is not so much of a concern. Chocolate truffles typically contain much less cocoa than an unflavoured chocolate bar and higher amounts of sugar and so once flavour is added there is little point to using a single origin cocoa or going to the extent of creating your own chocolate direct from the cocoa bean as it would be hardly noticeable to many palates– and at great cost and manpower. Instead Booja Booja focus their efforts on the blending of flavours ensuring a fine balance of flavour and texture is reached.

The Artist Collection

 In 2004 Booja Booja began a partnership with an Indian company, Persian Dowry based in Kashmir, this business was originally set up to sell artefacts to tourists on behalf of skilled artisans. Booja Booja work with Persian Dowry to create their range of papier maché boxes for their Artists Collection. These boxes are completely hand made from their construction and uniquely painted finish. Booja Booja support the cooperative model of Persian Dowry to help this community.

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