Chocolate Reviews Competition - Win 2500 points.

Chocolate reviews competition

As a thank you for your review!

As a thank you to customers we are awarding 50 loyalty points for each review made in May with an additional chance to win £25 worth of free chocolates for the best review.


We love to read your reviews but really we know they were designed not for our own enjoyment but to be helpful to our other customers. With so much fine chocolate in our collection, from different origins and with varying cocoa percentages, the choice of which chocolate bar to buy, for example, can be a little daunting for a beginner and so by writing a review you can pass on your chocolate tasting experience to help others make an informed choice - based purely on your personal tastes. 


Earn up to 200 free points for your reviews!

  • We will give you 50 loyalty points (worth 50p) to redeem on future orders for each review. Maximum 4 reviews allowed.

  • Make sure you are registered - only registered customers can make reviews.

  • Choose your favourite chocolate/s from our collection to review. Click on the product image and review below.

  • Award your favourite chocolate a star rating, from 1-5.

  • If discussing more than one product please use the full product titles within your review. Some titles can be similar. This helps everyone understand which other chocolate in our collection you're referring to.

  • All reviews will be moderated (see terms & conditions) for the enjoyment of all.


PLUS... The winning review wins £25 worth of loyalty points! 

Our decision will be based on the following;

  • Is the review helpful to others?
  • Does the review enhance the flavour profile, character and/or use of the chocolate?
  • Did it make us smile with pride :)


Read Terms & Conditions here >

Top tips for effective reviews

  • Describe how the chocolate tastes using similar examples of foods or aromas.
  • Remember the most relevant 3 of the 5 basic tastes; sweet, bitter and sour.
  • Don't assume your taste is the correct taste.
  • Share your knowledge with others by adding helpful tips or recommendations.
  • Keep it about the chocolate in question and how, why and where you enjoyed it.
  • Don't forget to rate the chocolate with 1-5 stars.
  • Keep it light and have fun. We've even had the odd limerick!

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