Bonnat, Cacao Real del Xoconuzco, 75% dark chocolate bar

Bonnat, Real del Xoconuzco, 75% dark chocolate bar

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This very special dark chocolate bar is created from the original heirloom variety of royal Criollo cocoa that was first domesticated by the Olmecs (preceded Mayans) in Mexico over 2000 years ago. Bonnat have brought this prized bean back to life since its last use in 1850.

A very chocolatey aroma with a rich, mouth filling taste, with a little acidity to balance. A dark chocolate with great depth of flavour and length. Subtle notes of nuts and ginger with a slight smokey edge. Certainly one for those who prefer their chocolate dark, earthy and non acidulous.

The grandly named 'Royal Criollo Cacao of Xoconusco', due to it being reserved for Mayan,Aztec and then Spanish royalty, is grown today by an association of Mayan farmers, passionate about rescuing this heirloom variety of cocoa.

Due to commercialisation methods, disease and the destruction of native habitats the original royal Criollo variety of cacao from Xoconusco has become extremely rare. Genetic material has been saved however and is being grown in small quantities today.

About Bonnat Chocolatier

The Bonnat family has been creating chocolates since 1884 from the town of Voiron in France. Bonnat is the oldest family-run chocolate company in France today and is steeped in history and thrives on its family traditions and nostalgia. Bonnat has changed very little along the way compared to many brands but has continued to expand the Bonnat brand throughout the world. It was Raymond Bonnat who in the early 1980’s began the pioneering approach of making the single origin chocolate bars at Bonnat we see today. Many of these 'Grand Crus' have won prestigious awards around the world.

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