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Established in 1806 in Germany, Niedregger is regarded as producing the finest quality marzipan around. This premium position is due to the fact Niederegger use only select almonds from the Mediterranean and in much larger quantities. Niederegger marzipan is classed as 100% marzipan and contains much less sugar in comparison to other marzipan makers – just 35% in fact. According to the law, a mixture of marzipan paste, already containing 35% sugar, can be mixed with as much as 50% sugar to be classed as Marzipan. A huge difference, and very noticeable in the resulting taste.

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More about Niederegger marzipan

Niederegger has been making marzipan for over 200 years. Founded in 1806 in Lubeck, Germany by Johann Georg Niederegger it belongs to this day a family owned company. Niederegger marzipan is world renowned and classed as 100% marzipan, containing less sugar and a high percentage of almond than other marzipan makes.

Marzipan originated in the orient where it was documented by a Persian doctor in 850-923 praising the curative qualities of almond and sugar. It was the crusaders returning from the orient that brought marzipan to Europe along with spices and other confectionery. The word marzipan comes from the word 'Mataban' a tiny box used for trading in Italy. It translates to Marzapane (Italian), Massepain (French) and Marzipan (German).

The first Europeans to indulge in marzipan were Royalty and the wealthy. Queen Elizabeth I of England is documented as enjoying marzipan and all things sweet. In the first half of the 19th century the enjoyment of marzipan spread throughout the classes due to the lower cost now that sugar could be extracted from sugar beet. Marzipan was particularly popular and priced in Lubeck, Germany.

The secret of the traditional recipe for Niederegger marzipan has to do with the exact ratio of almonds to sugar and with an ingredient that is similar to rosewater. Still today, the production is personally supervised by master confectioners. Almonds are the basic ingredient of marzipan, and Niederegger pays very careful attention when selecting the varieties. By personally sourcing almonds in Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries, only first-class goods make their way to Lübeck.

Today, Niederegger marzipan is sold throughout the world and in many forms and recipes using additional ingredients from fruits to nuts and of course, chocolate.

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