Mast Brothers - A Chocolate Journey

Mast Brothers - A Chocolate Journey

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Great chocolate has been weaving a spell all its own, propelling both consumers and entrepreneurs on incredible journeys of discovery, for generations.

Just like it did on brothers Rick and Michael Mast, who turned an interest in making bean-to-bar chocolate into a consuming hobby, before quickly becoming passionate enough to care about creating unique, single origin chocolate bars themselves, and so creating their own business.

That was in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York. In 2015, Mast Brothers opened their London shop, in Shoreditch, and open in Los Angeles this Spring. From each of their very contemporary premises, they continue to work on increasing their range of chocolate bars whilst experimenting with new flavours and the cocoa’s, that each new harvest provides.

Amongst their premium dark chocolate bars is a 73% cocoa content sea salt bar, which uses sea salt crystals to accentuate the deep fruit flavour profiles of 4 separate cocoa origins within, and a 70% cocoa content, single origin dark chocolate bar, infused with mint.

Mast Brothers are in fact one of the few artisan chocolate makers to offer a mint chocolate bar.

Compare these with Mast Brothers’ high cocoa content milk chocolate bars (60% cocoa), made using Sheep milk or Goats milk and each with its own silky smooth texture.

Other dark chocolate bars, that chocoholics and fine chocolate lovers everywhere will approve of, are the Mast Brother’s 73% dark chocolate bar with its creamy taste, which isn’t at all bitter like you might expect from the higher cocoa content. It’s another signature bar from Mast with the emphasis on clarity of flavour.

For those who prefer, there are several other, high cocoa content milk chocolate bars in their range too; one made with buttermilk and brown sugar and another, a 60% cocoa content milk chocolate bar made with coffee, which uses single origin cocoa from Tanzania and freshly roasted coffee.

Not only is the chocolate extraordinary, but you can’t help but be excited by the contemporary chocolate bar wrapper designs themselves, which have been likened to works of art in their own right. They only add to the distinctiveness of the Mast Brother’s range, making Mast chocolate bars a wonderful chocolate gift, for any lover of fine hand-made chocolate (or contemporary art).

With premises in New York, Los Angeles and London and a carefully selected few, speciality chocolate retailers around the world, Mast Brothers are bringing their passion for great chocolate and their appreciation of the Cocoa growers skill to an ever growing league of discerning customers. Both Rick and Michael Mast freely admit to having a meticulous, obsessive attention to detail, where making fine chocolate is concerned.

Chocolate Trading Co is proud to include Mast Brothers artisan chocolate bars within their range of chocolate gifts, and look forward to bringing you even more innovative examples of this particular, bean-to-bar chocolate makers art.

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