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Upholding the superior quality of Madagascar origin chocolate

Madecasse evolved from a love of the unique island of Madagascar and a desire to make a change to the fact that 70% of the world's cococa comes from Africa, but less than 1% is actually made there. Madecasse chocolate exists to create all their chocolate entirely in Africa, empowering Madagascar's cocoa farmers with skills training and higher wages. The chocolate they produce unsurprisingly is amongst the best available, with the superior quality of cocoa shining through in the finished chocolate bars.

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More about Madecasse chocolate

Did you know that Africa grows 70% of the world's cocoa, yet produces less than 1% of the world’s chocolate?

For many centuries, Africa’s economy has been overly dependent on the export of raw materials (cocoa, sugar, coffee, vanilla, to name a few) with zero value added locally.  These are eye-opening facts, which explain how a continent so rich in raw materials can remain so poor.

Madecasse chocolate exists to change this by making chocolate entirely in Africa.

Social impact

Madecasse start by empowering Madagascar’s cocoa farmers with skills training and higher wages. Then they work with a local chocolate manufacturer to actually make the chocolate, from start to finish, in Madagascar. So far, Madecasse have produced over 3,000,000 chocolate bars directly in Madagascar. And in the process they have created meaningful income for over 200 people - from farming of cocoa, to making the packaging and of course making the chocolate.

In 2015 Madecasse chocolate were forced to collaborate with a contract chocolate manufacturer in the US as production grew and investment was sought to expand the manufacturing capacity in Madagascar. This temporary contract was put in place to keep the business moving forward whilst providing their growing customers with Madecasse chocolate. The long term goal of Madecasse remains to make their chocolate solely in Madagascar. 


Isolated from mainland Africa, 85% of Madagascar’s plants and animals exist nowhere else on Earth. The island’s naturally organic forests are home to 80 species of lemurs, over 1,000 orchids, and innumerable other plants and animals.

The cocoa farmers Madecasse partner with nurture over 70,000 cocoa trees.  This amounts to 250 acres of forests that provide a safe haven to over 65 species of plants and animals.

As Madecasse grow, cocoa farms and the precious forest grow. The result is a sustainable livelihood for farmers and a thriving ecosystem for endangered plants and animals.

You can now easily buy Madecasse chocolate online in the UK through our website.

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