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Pump Street Bakery are based in Suffolk, England and began as an artisan bakery producing high quality breads and pastries. A passion for creating their produce from the highest quality ingredients now extends to making fine chocolate. Using their bread ovens Pump Street Bakery now import, roast and grind their own cocoa beans from selected, fairly traded cocoa plantations from around the world. Creating chocolate directly from the cocoa bean, rather than pre-made couverture or liquor, is commonly termed as 'bean to bar' or cacaofevier and Pump Street Bakery are one of a handful bean to bar chocolate makers in the UK managing this labour intensive process. The result is an impressive collection of single estate chocolate bars of award winning quality with unique flavour profiles and characteristics developed in house.

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Pump Street Bakery are making bean to bar chocolate in small batches from cocoa beans imported directly from family farms and cooperatives from around the world such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar, Grenada. Cocoa beans are first sorted, roasted, winnowed, ground and conched before the chocolate is finally created and tempered into chocolate bars. Unique flavour profiles are developed with each chocolate recipe to draw out the individual flavours of the particular cocoa varieties. Longer or shorted roasts, conching and maturing times and the balancing of ingredients all play a vital part in this lengthy process. Not to mention the terroir, cocoa variety, growth, harvest, fermentation and drying of the beans at source. So many steps and processes play a part in the final character of a bar of chocolate.

Now award winning chocolate makers in their own right, Pump Street Bakery have an impressive range of single estate chocolate bars in their collection. From high cocoa milk chocolate bars with their reduced sugars and robust characters through to fruity and mouth watering dark chocolate bars and ending with the extreme and ultimate bitter dark chocolate, the 100%.

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