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A block of 100% pure cocoa created by Willies chocolate for use with cooking and desserts.

Created from a mix of Trinitario, Forestero & Criollo cocoa beans from the world renowned Millot plantation in Madagascar. A wonderful flavour bursting with juicy summer fruits.

Willies recipe suggestions

For use in all types of cooking and desserts, adding depth and flavour to gravies and casseroles including of course chilli con carne. Grated over ice cream and used as an ingredient in cake making. The possibilities are endless.

    The cocoa beans

This block is made from cocoa beans from the Sambirano Valley in North West Madagascar. Madagascar, famed for its remarkable biodiversity, with many of its plant and animal life unique to the island, is well known for its superior cacao. The beans produce a bar with a wonderful flavour bursting with juicy summer fruits.

There is only one cacao producing area in Madagascar - in the north of the country, north and south of the river Sambirano. Cacao arrived on the island as seedlings from Venezuela 100 years ago! Once Venezuelan Criollo, they have now developed their own flavour.

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