Amedei - Grenada, 70% dark chocolate bar

Amedei, Grenada, 70% dark chocolate bar

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My personal favourite dark chocolate bar from Grenada is the Grenada Chocolate Companies and as I found that so amazing I tried the Amedei version too. I have since read Amedei is regarded as the best chocolate in the world but I would argue on this occassion perhaps not, to be fair equal. Anyway the bar review; lovely treacle notes to a rich dark chocolate and yes I do get the spicy notes desribed in the bar description. I have ordered a few other of the Amedei bars online here and as a treat while they are on offer so I'm giving each a review. I like the way you can take advantage of the short and even expired best before dates on here too (don't be scared as its an advised Best before date and not a perishable Use by date and as a bar contains no cream or anything to go off) as there is so much waste with food in the world! I cant taste any difference whatsoever in quality.

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The user rated this product 3 out of 5

This is the only dark chocolate Amedei crus bar that I cannot give 5 stars as it seems to have too monotonous a taste for me. Its overpowering roast robs it of complexity good chocolate ought to have in my opinion. It has good melt a perfectly smooth delectable texture but lacks depth. On the other hand, if you want a mellow chocolate bar that is at the same time rich and pure, you should try this one.

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The user rated this product 5 out of 5

Incredibly fruity without being sweet. I love this chocolate. I could definitely note an aftertaste of butterscotch making you want to savour more.

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