Chocolate truffles gift box

Michel Cluizel chocolate truffles gift box
  • Michel Cluizel gift bag (Medium)

Chocolate Truffles gift box

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The user rated this product 5 out of 5

Quite the nicest chocolate truffles I've ever tasted. Now a firm family favourite at Christmas. Rich chocolate centres oozing quality ingredients. Treat your family, or better still treat yourself this Christmas.

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The user rated this product 5 out of 5

Wonderful truffles. Not overly sweet at all... more for those who like rich, dark chocolate, but the types that aren't overpowering. The genache/truffle inside is simply delectable and utterly sooth. The truffle has a thin coating to offer some bite, and a rich, dark, almost bitter powder coating. These taste fresh, with all the creaminess you expect from dairy, all the flavour you expect from luxury chocolate, and some berry and vanilla notes sat in to offer some extra complexity. Eat one or two at a time, if you can.

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